President’s Welcome

The Keys as the Society is most commonly called, has been in existence since 1952, when a group of Head Hall Porters of several leading London Hotels got together and agreed to set up an organisation which closely resembled one which had been formed some years earlier in France called Les Clefs d’Or (The Golden Keys). Our Members are all employed as uniformed Concierges at hotels of good-standing for a minimum of five years, and have had their knowledge put to the test by senior figures in the Society.

Membership of The Keys allows our members to network, not only nationally, but internationally through our affiliation with nearly 50 similar organisations across the globe which make up L’Union International Des Concierges D’Hotels (UICH). The International section holds a congress in a different country every year, and we encourage our members to participate, and by so doing, they meet and get to know fellow concierges from around the world. This can often make the difference when seeking to help our guests, wherever their travels take them.

We meet every month except August; we discuss developments in the tourism and leisure industry, and organise both educational and social events which the members attend with great enthusiasm. What we have most in common is that we have all shared the experience of wondering what The Keys is all about, then applying for membership, and undergoing a nerve-racking interview to put our knowledge to the test ­but that’s what makes Membership so special.

You will find us friendly, supportive, and charitable. Every year with wonderful help from our Associate Members, we donate several thousands of pounds to worthy causes. Please use the  contact us button should you wish to get in touch.
In Service through Friendship,


Antony Lynch,


To contact Antony, please email:


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