Should Posters Be Placed In Football Locker Rooms?

Locker rooms are an important space for football players. These areas will be used for getting changed both before and after the match. There is also a communal aspect to them. Players can engage in conversation and receive motivational speeches from their coach.

It is common to see locker rooms with very drab and boring walls. White tiles tend to be the standard. The problem is that this can have a negative impact on the player’s moods. Instead the owner of the establishment should utilise posters in an effective manner.

Where To Get Them

The best site to find appropriate wall décor images is Gallerix. They supply these products in several different sizes. Therefore both large and small locker rooms can take advantage of their services. Many of the items are also reasonably priced. Consequently, even regional and village football clubs can enjoy them.

On the other hand not all players belong to one club. For example, Gareth Bale chose to become a free agent once he left Real Madrid. These athletes will therefore not have the benefit of staying in one locker room long term. However, they could still utilise posters at home.


Coaches play a key role in keeping a team as strong as possible. In recent years Michael Duff has made the headlines for his work. People like Duff should recognise the fact that the players environment will have a direct effect on how well they can perform. For this reason it is wise to peruse the Gallerix online catalogue and pick imagery that sparks inspiration. There are numerous options that would be applicable to footballers.

When a high profile match takes place an event poster will sometimes be made to commemorate it. These can be placed on the locker room walls alongside more artistic and commercial forms of décor. It is best to only choose ones for matches that the team has won. Otherwise the players will be constantly reminded of past defeats.

Seasons Of The Year

During the festive period numerous football matches take place. At this time of year locker room owners might decide to put up posters with Christmas iconography. They do not have to keep utilising the same images all year round. Instead they may change them for different seasons. Luckily, Gallerix has enough products available to allow for this.

When people compete in football matches they are representing their local town. It is useful for them to remember what their regional culture is. For example, if it is known for cider production then posters of apples could be used. The more pride the player has in their town the more inspired they will be whilst on the pitch.