La Liga

The Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera Division is the top Spanish national football league. Often shortened to just La Liga, or sometimes La Liga Santander, due to sponsorship from Santander, it was initially founded in 1929. The administration responsible for overseeing the league is the Liga Nacional de Futbol Profesional, which is also known as the Liga de Futbol Profesional. In its current format, 20 teams compete over a season, with the three lowest teams being relegated to the Segunda Division, and being replaced by the top three teams of the Segunda Division.

Since 1929, 62 teams have competed in La Liga, with only nine teams being crowned champions during that time. Currently, Real Madrid has won the title the highest number of times, having managed to climb their way to the top 33 times, closely followed by Barcelona, who have managed to win the league 25 times. Barcelona was the team who managed to win the league during its first season.

The UEFA’s league coefficient shows that La Liga has been the top league across Europe for the last five years, and has remained the top team for more years than any other country.